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New to Yoga or to R1SE

We are a new Yoga business, in fact, we are a new type of Yoga, Urban Yoga.  All of our students are new to R1SE but we have also found that a vast majority are new to Yoga.  This makes us smile a lot as part of the concept of Urban Yoga is to make Yoga much more accessible to people than a more traditional, spiritual Yoga style.

Are you New to Yoga?  Well the good news is that everybody has to start somewhere! Yoga is about you, and your journey, hence the 1 in R1SE – so come and try us and think about number 1 for a bit!

With these helpful hints your R1SE experience should be a thing of beauty albeit a sweaty one!

Before Class

  • Hold off food – don’t eat for at least 2 hours before class, doing so may make you feel uncomfortable. If you feel like you can’t last and the onset of being ‘hangry’ is setting in then a small snack may tide you over.
  • Drink plenty – make sure you are well hydrated particularly if you are coming to a Hot class.  Bring a water bottle with you for during the session.
  • Towels (rent £1) – if you would like to rent a grippy yoga towel to put on your mat we have them at reception.
  • What to wear – don’t wear bulky clothing and barefoot is best.
  • Arrive early – preferably 15 minutes before the scheduled class time, giving you time to check in, chat and chill out before the start.
  • What do I do with my stuff? – You can use the lockers or simply hang your coat up on the hooks, shoes can go under the benches and bags on top if there are no lockers free.  You can change in the changing area outside of the R1SE front door.

During Class

  • Follow the teacher’s instructions to the best of your ability – never work into pain!
  • Listen to your body, let go of expectations and respect your limits, feel free to sit down and take it easy if it’s too much
  • Savour the silence in savasana (relaxing for 5 minutes at the end) and reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve just done

After Class

  • Drop your used lavender fragranced face cloth in the bin provided outside in reception
  • If you have borrowed a towel, drop that too in the bin outside in reception
  • Brew time! Try one of the delicious Birdhouse teas that we have on offer, just help yourself to whichever you fancy
  • Celebrate success – every class is an achievement so be happy when you nail a balance or manage to hold your plank for longer
  • Live your yoga – take your post R1SE feelings into the world with you, be grateful, think happy and love life!


Due to helping so many people do Yoga and practice at R1SE we have encountered some commons questions.  So here are the common questions and answers...

What do I need to bring to R1SE Urban Yoga?

We offer a full service / full experience type of yoga and hence you only need to bring yourself.

We provide for free...

  • Mats
  • Blocks
  • Straps
  • Water
  • Refreshing Tea
  • Fun

You could bring

  • Your own yoga towel, although we do hire them for £1
  • Water bottle

You should bring

  • Gym type clothes (nothing too baggy or heavy)
  • Sense of humour

I have never done Yoga before which class is best?

All of our classes are suitable for beginners, it is not so much your experience in Yoga that will dictate the best class to start with but your overall level of fitness, injury position, effort level and what type of exercise you enjoy.

I would say that most people under 50 who are not injured and like to work fairly hard could do any of our classes from the get-go.

If you are injured, nervous or don't like working too hard then come to a Chill class first.  We do recommend a combination of our Chill, Power, and Flex classes to get the most progress.

How Hot is your Hot Yoga?

Our Hot Yoga is between 27 and 30 degrees.  It may well increase a couple of degrees as we have some more infrared heaters coming.  It is not super hot.  Some hot yoga is practiced at about 40 degrees.  Some people love it that hot but most don't, it makes them feel dizzy, sweat too much and panic.  We do not intend to offer that type of experience.  We want our hot to feel beautiful and warm, to allow your body to bend and stretch to its current potential and to sweat out the toxins but not be a test of endurance.


Do I need to be flexible to do Yoga?

Absolutely not, clearly being flexible will help but it not at all a requirement.  All you need is to want to become more flexible.  With regular attendance, you will quickly see improvements in your flexibility.  When doing Yoga, listen to your body, feel your own comfortable edge and do not let your ego push you too far.  Progress will come quickly enough without you rushing it.


The Power class sounds scary, is it?

We understand that some people are put off by the word "Power", however, this class aims to increase your power and does not mean that power is any sort of prerequisite. It may not be the natural first lessons for total newbies but don't leave it too long before trying a class, you might well surprise yourself.


Free first class for people who are new to R1SE Yoga

Come and try our urban style of yoga for free.  You have nothing to lose (apart from weight). Click on TRYYOGA promo link and then use the promo code TRYYOGA.  You can then set up an account and it will be credited with a free session.  From there go to our schedule and pick your class.