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R1SE Rewards

Earn R1SE Rewards points for attending classes, buying merchandise, giving us a review or referring a friend.

Details below showing exactly how this all works.

Joining our Rewards Program

As soon as you attend a class you will start earning points.  At this stage, your status on our rewards program will be "pending".  In order to be able to use the points you earn you need to either go to R1SE Rewards section of our app or go to this link to sign up.  Joining the program gives you a bonus 50 points.

Earning Points

Attending a class

You earn 5 points for attending a class.  These points are doubled if you attend a morning class.

If you attend 8 classes per month you get a bonus of 25 points.

Referring a friend

If you refer a friend to R1SE they get a free class and if after that they buy any of our classes you earn 400 R1SE points!  Use this link to make your referral.

Giving us a lovely review

We love seeing your incredible reviews, so for every review that you provide we will give you 25 R1SE points.  If you have negative comments we also want to hear but would prefer you to direct these to us via email at hello@r1se.co.uk.  The links below should help with reviews.  We add these points on a monthly basis.

Google Review

Facebook Review

TripAdvisor Review if you make a TripAdvisor Review please just drop us a message via either email or facebook messenger as the reviews are anonymous so we don't know who to give points to.

Birthday Bonus

On your birthday we will give you a bonus 50 points.

Retails Points

For every £1 you spend on our lovely merchandise you will get 3 points.

Points Make Prizes

So what can you spend your points on?

  • Free class that you can use yourself or gift 200 points
  • R1SE Urban Yoga Reward T-Shirt 400 points
  • Stainless Steel, Dual Wall, R1SE Bottle for life 800 points

R1SE Levels

We are just piloting R1SE Levels (needs a sexier name).

Basically, we will use your cumulative points earnt to award you a rank and this rank will give you first access to workshops, retreats, discounts on merchandise etc.

More information to follow.